Nature’s Playground: Outsmarting Screen Dependencies with the Aid of Nature

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In this e-book, you will find many ideas from 7 different types of activities to do with your children in nature. They are designed to help you go through the process presented in the mini-course ‘How to Have Calmer Kids with the Help of Nature’ (available soon on our website). But you can use them anytime you want to go out with your kids or those entrusted to you (if you’re an educator) and spend quality time in nature.

The activities—or the games—are devised for better interconnection between you and your children and a stronger connection with our natural environment. The actions detailed in this material are intended to significantly contribute to fulfilling the three basic needs of children (and people, in general): the need for connection, the need for control, and especially, the need for competence. As a result of adequately meeting these needs, you’ll achieve cooperation and effectively calm the children with the help of nature.

Nature games, natural settings, and outdoor movement particularly quench our children’s thirst for exploration and self-discovery. The restlessness of the current generation of children is due to a greater need for competence, knowledge, and (self)exploration compared to previous generations (let’s not forget we live in a hyper-informational society). If we package
and present the natural world, the real world, in an attractive way, our children might not be so tempted to quench this thirst for exploration in the surrogate of reality—virtual reality. They will also benefit from all the positive effects of being in nature on their physiology.

I believe we are the first generation of parents challenged with keeping children in the real world! And nature is the key ally in this process!

Cover of the eBook Nature's Playground
Nature's Playground

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