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We're a family venture, fervently championing the cause of nature-centric education, believing in the crucial formative power of the great outdoors to shape young people.

Our Mission

We’re a family-driven venture passionately committed to inspiring urban parents to harness the power of nature in their children’s learning journey. Our first goal is to build a community of at least 1 million parents and spark a mindset shift, making them see nature not just as an ally but as the ultimate playground for their children.

Our Values

In a rapidly urbanizing and digitalizing world, we continuously seek innovative ways to integrate nature into children’s education, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Drawing from professional knowledge and personal experience, we provide well-researched, tried-and-tested solutions for nature-based education. We believe in the power of community. By fostering a collaborative environment, we aim to learn from and support each other, ensuring the best outcomes for our children. Our methods and practices are always environmentally conscious, ensuring that while we teach about nature, we also contribute to its protection and preservation.

Our Story

In the heart of our venture lies a deeply rooted respect for the natural world, a legacy that began with Dorin’s academic pursuit in Ecology and thrived in a more challenging area: nature conservation consultancy. His passion for the environment was not just a profession; it was a way of life, an ethos that permeated our home and blossomed into our family-run initiative championing nature education.


We aren’t just educators but advocates for a cause propelled by our children’s unbridled joy for outdoor play. Watching them becoming more collaborative, respectful, curious, peaceful, and fulfilled during our field trips in nature transformed our admiration for nature into a mission: to extend this connection to other families, encouraging a balance amidst a technology-driven era.


We believe in hands-on experiences, which happen when children detach from screens and step outside, where learning is not taught but caught through exploration. Through our curated programs, we aim to ignite a lifelong passion for the outdoors in every child, safeguard them from being absorbed by digital realms, and nurture an understanding of nature that will manifest in future stewardship-like decision-making for societies and our planet.


Now is the last chance to reconnect humans through nature and act through nature education for effective nature conservation and personal development.


Join us in sowing the seeds of nature love in this and future generations. Together, we can cultivate a more mindful, grounded, and environmentally conscious society, one child at a time.

“"I recommend Dorin. He knows how to work with the kids!"”

Andy Szekely

author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur at AS Training & Coaching SRL

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